Why You Should Give Compliments

Why You Should Give Compliments

A few reasons why you should be on the lookout to pay compliments.

Compliments are an important part of our social lives. They have the ability to produce a vast range of positive emotion, ranging from a small smile to the absolute transformation of a lousy day or even week.

Compliments can create a light, tension-free, happy environment between two individuals, making them be kind to one another. So, if for nothing else, compliments should be given to create feelings of goodwill between people.

Here are a few reasons you should be on the lookout to pay compliments.

You can transform the mood of someone going through a rough patch

We all go through rough patches in life, those successions of days, weeks, sometimes even months when nothing seems to go our way, and everything seems stacked against us. In such times a kind word here and an encouraging comment there can be absolutely transformational. People might appear fine on the surface, but you never know what inner demons they might be facing. When you pay a compliment to someone, you never know what a bad situation you could be transforming for the better. Sure, compliments don’t solve our problems. But they make us feel good, lightening our mood, preparing us to face the battles ahead. Besides, paying someone a compliment is free, and the change a simple compliment can create, priceless.

Building trust

Sincere compliments help in building trust between people, especially in a working environment. Everyone wants to be noticed, wants their positive attributes acknowledged. And when we experience someone genuinely do that for us, we build an authentic rapport with them, ultimately leading to greater trust. Ok, you don’t want to pay compliments simply for the sake of paying compliments; that’s fake and the phoniness will show. You want to give them and really mean them; that will also show. So, give them whenever the impulse arises, even to shy people; it will help lay the foundations of a positive relationship.

Getting out of your own world

We often spend a lot of time trapped in our own little worlds, worrying about our problems, involved in our own interiority. Every time we pay a compliment we break out of that bubble and turn our attention to someone else, becoming a part of their world. Paying compliments is a great way of connecting with others.

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