Why You Should Be Your True Self

Why You Should Be Your True Self

As humans we have an internal need that goes back literally forever, to be liked and accepted by our peers.

As humans we have an internal need that goes back literally forever, to be liked and accepted by our peers.  It makes us feel safe.  But the problem with that is we often become people who we’re actually not at our core because we get lost trying to be that person that everyone likes or that person that we think everyone likes. So here are 3 reasons why you should be your true self.


Number 1.  You will find your purpose.  

This is one of the top things people are searching for. If you surrender and just be yourself you will be so much more open to who you REALLY are and what this world has in store for you.  A lot of times we’re just going through the motions and doing what we think we should do rather than taking the time to really think about what we WANT to be doing.  Once you start being your true self, everything will start making sense.. You won’t have to force it, you won’t have to push it will just come. Kinda like magic.. And who doesn’t like magic?


Number 2.  You will be happier.  

You will be happier.  Being someone else is exhausting. You’re constantly watching yourself, with your internal dialogue working on overdrive making sure you don’t say or do the wrong thing, or wear the wrong thing, or react the wrong way…or I’m seriously exhausted just talking about it.  I need a nap. When you let go and just be who you are, it’s like a weight gets lifted off of your shoulders and with that comes happiness. And at the end of the day that’s what we want right, to be happy.


Number 3. Everything becomes easier.

When you become your true self life rewards that. All of a sudden everything you need comes to you. You attract the right people, the right resources, the right everything.  You get in to the flow and that is the place where we should all be striving to live from.  Everything becomes clearer, it’s easier to make decisions because they’re coming from your true self so there’s no second guessing and you just feel alive.


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