Why Goal Setting Is So Important

Why Goal Setting Is So Important

Setting goals is important and have huge benefits

We all know that goal setting is important and have huge benefits, but have you ever stopped to think of why?  Here are 4 reasons that will answer that question.


Number one.  They give you focus.

I want you to imagine you have a small, light ball in your hand. Now just throw it.  Doesn’t matter where or how hard, just throw it.  Great now throw another one.  Ok now I want you to imagine there’s a basket placed right in front of you and now your goal is the get the ball in the basket.  Toss the ball.

Notice what happens to your brain.  Instantly you became more focused didn’t you? Notice the difference.  That’s a major advantage of goal setting.  They give your brain the focus it needs to get the right things done so you can accomplish more.


Number 2.  They help end procrastination. 

If you have goals set you are far less likely to procrastinate because you know what needs to get done at any given time.  If you just wing it, that’s where Facebook sounds like a good idea and Instagram…well you can’t make Instagram feel left out and then the Roseanne reboot is on the PVR and you have to know what everyone is talking about and then you desperately need to have that daydream or I’m pretty sure your day won’t feel complete…  Having short terms goals helps you stay motivated, accountable and focused to get them done.


Number 3.  They give us purpose. 

As human beings, we like to accomplish things.  It’s the way we’re built.  And when we don’t accomplish things and feel like a lazy piece of crap we don’t feel so good.  But if we’re out there accomplishing goals it makes us feel good and it’s gives a sense of purpose which makes us feel alive.


Number 4.  The give you direction. 

When you have a direction to go it’s a heck of a lot easier to get there.  Think about driving to a town that you have never heard of before.  Would it be easier to just jump in your car and guess in which direction to head and hope for the best, or would it be easier if you plugged the address in a GPS that gave you directions?  The same goes for goals and your life.  Goals are the maps to your future, they’re adjustable but with them you will get here a lot faster and in a way better mood.

Tamera xo

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