How To Make The Right Decision

How To Make The Right Decision

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Have you ever stressed yourself trying to make the right decision?  We get out our pros and cons list and that doesn’t work, we ask all our friends and family and everyone has a different opinion, which confuses us even more, and…how do you decide???


Well, there’s one way to do it that is never wrong and that’s to ask your inner guidance system.  We all have it.  Some people may have it more developed than others but it’s there, in everyone.  And whether you use a lot or not I know you know what it is.  It’s that indescribable knowing, a feeling, inside, that either feels good or not good.  Pretty simple.  It’s us that makes it complicated.  We get our heads involved and we think of everything that could go wrong if we make the wrong decision and then we can’t tell our head from our butt.


So here’s what to do when you are faced with a difficult decision.


Close your eyes.  Take 3 deep breaths.  Try and calm your mind as much as you possibly can.  Then put both situations in front of you.  You can put it in the way of a symbol or label them as A and B or, whatever works.  Put them in front of you and spend some time with each one.  Go to the first and see how it feels inside.  Pay attention.  Your body might even shrink or move.  Just sit with and feel it out.  Then move to the next and do the same thing.  One option may even jump out.


When you take everyone’s opinions and all the chatter that’s going on in here and everything else out of the equation, it becomes really clear.  You just have to take the time to listen and feel it out.


But what if my gut is telling me to do something but it turns out to be wrong?”  The important thing to remember here is that you really can’t make a bad decision.  Whatever decision you make in the end is going to be the right one for you at that time.  It’s just the way the world works.


I just made a decision not too long ago, I tried it out for size and it didn’t end up being the best one for me so I changed my mind.  And you know what?  I didn’t die!  I just changed my mind.  And I learned a lot.  The most important thing I learned was to listen to my gut!  My gut was telling me to do something, I can be stubborn sometimes so I did what my head was telling me to do and surprise surprise!  If I would have just done what I’m talking about here today it would have been crystal clear.  Because I know when I do that it’s always so clear.  But we’re all human and we are constantly learning and improving and moving.


I would love to hear your thoughts and/or experiences with that!  Put them in the comments below!


Tamera xo

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