How To Stop Overthinking

How To Stop Overthinking

Ways to stop overthinking

Overthinking can be a huge problem because it deals with fear and uncertainty and then ultimately, being stuck. And when you’re stuck you don’t get anything done or move forward in any way. So here are 3 steps you can take to stop over thinking right now so you can go on and be the kick-ass action taker you were born to be.


Number 1.  Stop thinking about what can go wrong.

Focus on what could go right and write them all down on a list. When we start focusing on all of the negative what-ifs, that’s your fear talking. If you haven’t watched my video from a couple weeks ago called “How To Stop Procrastinating” go do that because in there I talk about pain versus pleasure and how we will do far more to avoid pain than we will gain pleasure, which is why we procrastinate. So as soon as you hear your fear start to talk about everything that could go wrong, grab your “everything that is going to go right” list, read it and only focus on that.


Number 2. Stop waiting for the perfect time.

I’ve got news for you. It’s never going to come. Never. Ever. Ever. So stop waiting for the perfect time or perfect situation and just start. Waiting for the perfect time is just another excuse your fear is coming up with, so kick it to the curb and get started now. Most people wait until they hit rock bottom to create really big change. Don’t wait that long, step into your fear and get it done now.


Number 3. Give yourself a time limit.

Thinking about the cons of a situation is often very helpful. I do believe that you have to think a lot of things through. But the trick is not to OVERthink it. So give yourself a time limit once a week or once a day…whatever works for you. Let’s say you choose ten minutes a day. In those 10 minutes and ONLY in those ten minutes are you allowed to hum and haw.  Mull over anything that’s not sitting right, figure out why, brainstorm ideas, get to the root of the fears, etc.. Once that timer goes off – that’s it. Get back to being positive, taking action and moving forward. When you catch yourself overthinking outside of that set time, remind yourself that it’s not the place or time and save it for the 10-minute slot tomorrow.


What are some of the things you overthink on the most? Post them in the comments below!


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