How To Deal With Rejection

How To Deal With Rejection

How to handle rejection

Nip Rejection In The Butt!


If you’re going to start taking action steps and going for your goals, you’re going to have to learn how to deal with rejection. Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding it.  But what you can avoid is the way you handle and deal with it.
Explained in this video are 5 steps to help you deal with rejection.

1. Start accepting that everything in life happens for a reason.  I’m pretty sure if you think of your past, you can personally come up with some examples of this.  If you take some time to really think of these proofs you have within your own life, it will make it a lot easier to accept rejection.  There is a plan for you and everything happens for a reason.  You may not see it now but you will.  Trust in that.

2. It’s really what you make it.  No one can give it leverage but you.  Remember this: if you try something and it doesn’t work out, or you ask for something and you don’t get it, you’re going to be in the same spot as you are now.  Nothing has changed.  If you asked someone out on a date and they said no, you didn’t have anyone to go out with before that and you don’t have anyone to go out with after.  Your life isn’t getting any worse, it’s staying the same.  But oh the possibilities that you could gain! Focus on the possibilities, not the fear.

3. Have a clear image of what you want your final outcome to be.  Write the details out on a piece of paper and tape it on our desk or get a vision board together and hang it up where you can see it every day…do whatever it takes for you to keep your desired outcome fresh in your mind.  This way, when rejection comes up, it will help you stay on track and keep you motivated.

4. When there’s something you want to do or something you want to ask for, write it down.  Beside it, list all the things you are losing out on by not going for it.  Next write down all the benefits you could gain if you did go for it.  This will give you leverage and it’s super powerful!

5. Don’t give up!  If someone turns you down, say “on to the next” and keep on going. If you are committed to something you are passionate about and believe in, and you keep going, you will eventually get to your desired outcome!

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