How To Build Self-Confidence

How To Build Self-Confidence

Check out these three steps you can take right now to give your self - confidence a boost

Are you looking to give your self-confidence a boost?  Well you’re in luck because today I’m giving you three steps you can take right now to help you get that boost you’re looking for.


Self-confidence. How do we build it?  Take a bunch of selfies?  No.  Tell ourselves how great we are?  No. Hang out with people who haven’t accomplished as much as we have?  No, that’s not it either.  Here are three steps that you can take right now.


Number 1.  Listen to your self-talk

We are talking to ourselves all day long, every day.  And a lot of it isn’t very nice.  So take a little note pad and carry it around with you or start a new note in your phone and start to pay attention to what you are saying to yourself every day.  “Oh I’m so stupid.”  “I look fat”.  “I’m not good enough”, whatever it is you will start to notice some patterns.  You will find the dominant thoughts pretty quickly.  So whenever a negative thought about yourself comes up, write it down.

After a couple of days, look at your list and chunk the common ones together.  Then write the opposite to the negative affirmation.  So I’m fat would turn in to something like “I am healthy and beautiful”.

And then whenever you catch yourself saying your negative thought, immediately replace it with the positive one. This is a process and take a bit of time but it’s really easy to get the hang of.  The most important part to this is when you say the new positive affirmation, feel how you would feel if you really believed that about yourself.  At first it will feel fake, because essentially it is, but it’s the practice of it that will eventually turn it in to reality for you.  You gotta fake it till you make it.


Number 2.  Visualize. 

Visualization is such a powerful tool and it can really help with your self-confidence.  Take a few minutes every day, sit down, relax and just visualize how you want to see yourself.  Your brain doesn’t actually know the difference between that reality and actual reality so what happens is the more you do it, the more information you give your brain to figure out a way to make that person to come to fruition.  It’s like magic.  The more you see it, the more you will feel it and the more you will be it.


Number 3.  Do something that scares you or is uncomfortable every day. 

Fear holds us back and really plays a number on our confidence.  If we play small and don’t go outside our comfort zone, we stay safe and stuck and scared.  So start with, once a day doing something that’s a little uncomfortable.  Something a little different.  Then when you get a little more confident, go a bit bigger.  It’s like building a muscle, the more you do it, the bigger you will be able to go and the more your self-confidence will grow!


Any questions or comments?  Throw ‘em down below!


Tamera xo

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