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March 28, 2018
Hhere are 3 steps you can take to get out of that rut and bring up your emotional energy

How To Stay Strong Emotionally

Sometimes in life, we go through rough times.  It’s something that we can’t avoid.  When life slaps you in the face, it’s really good to have some tools in your back pocket to be able to punch it back in the gut.  When we’re in that state, we often can’t think clearly and it affects our whole life so here are 3 steps you can take to get out of that rut, stay strong and bring up your emotional energy.   Number 1.  Ask yourself what advice you would give your friend. When we’re down in the dumps it’s so […]
March 14, 2018
Check out these three steps you can take right now to give your self - confidence a boost

How To Build Self-Confidence

Are you looking to give your self-confidence a boost?  Well you’re in luck because today I’m giving you three steps you can take right now to help you get that boost you’re looking for.   Self-confidence. How do we build it?  Take a bunch of selfies?  No.  Tell ourselves how great we are?  No. Hang out with people who haven’t accomplished as much as we have?  No, that’s not it either.  Here are three steps that you can take right now.   Number 1.  Listen to your self-talk.  We are talking to ourselves all day long, every day.  And a […]
March 7, 2018
How To Reinvent Yourself

How To Reinvent Yourself

Let’s talk about how to reinvent yourself because let’s face it, sometimes we want to change.  It could be within our career, who we are as a person, health wise… whatever it is… I will take you through three steps to help you do it.     Number 1 Get Excited   Fear is the number one thing that holds us back in life when it comes to wanting to do something new, so the first thing you need to do is shift your thinking and get excited.  Acknowledge any fears that are there, spend a little time figuring out […]
February 28, 2018
How To Fall Asleep Fast Pic-small

How To Fall Asleep Fast

Do you have problems sleeping?  do you want to learn how to fall asleep fast?  If so, I have a great technique that I will be teaching you today that’s super easy, effective and can be done in under 30 seconds.   There is nothing worse than being so tired but then your old brain up there decides it’s a great time to have a party and brings out the beer and snacks and sets itself up for a long night of chattin’ and good ‘ol times.  And there’s nothing you can do about it.   Then you wake up […]